Voice Over and Voice Acting:

Movie Trailer Mastery

  • Discover the ultimate resource for voicing movie trailers.
  • Learn to use copy landmarks, pauses and the rule of three to form your unique style.
  • Listen and learn. Actually hear what’s being taught with included audio files.

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The complete guide for any voice actor looking to become a movie trailer narrator.

Of all the voice over genres, movie trailer narration is one of the most famous, yet also the most difficult to learn about. Until now.

If you want to add trailers to your VO tool belt, this is your book.

  • Do you have a long-term goal to turn your interest in movie trailers into income?
  • Finding it hard to know just where to start and what steps to take?
  • Do you have a home studio, but need clear details on how to grow a trailer career?

Thompson Howell’s Voice Over and Voice Acting: Movie Trailer Mastery is the answer.

Being a successful trailer narrator requires two things: outstanding performances, and knowledge of the players, processes, and casting systems that make up the movie marketing machine. Voice Over and Voice Acting: Movie Trailer Mastery has you covered on both fronts

  • What if you had the wisdom of an industry insider to help you become a trailer narrator?
  • What if you developed your own approach to trailer scripts with a simple step-by-step method?
  • What if you had scripts and matching audio files, so you can hear what’s being taught?

Movie Trailer Mastery

Thompson Howell, narrator of blockbuster movie trailers, shares his insider’s knowledge of this traditionally closed world. He’ll reveal the keys to booking a trailer, and the steps needed to get there.

Packed with insight you won’t get anywhere else, this book takes a practical approach to voicing trailers, and includes example scripts to illustrate key concepts.

What’s more, we’ve included audio tracks of every example script, so you can hear how these ideas work.

Here’s What You Get:

  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of trailers to avoid rookie mistakes.
  • Discover the psychology behind each script, and how to match your read to it.
  • Understand how the trailer casting process works and how to position yourself to get the job.
  • Understand how successful narrators lean into various film genres.
  • A simple step-by-step way of interpreting scripts using high-quality examples.
  • A method of building reads which are personal, unconventional, and grounded in reality.
  • Learn how a movie studio chooses trailer voices.
  • Download audio of examples in the book, so you can hear what’s being explained.
  • Learn things most trailer writers don’t want when they listen to auditions.

BONUS 1: All scripts are professionally written and patterned after actual movie trailers.
BONUS 2: Includes FREE studio quality audio of every script, so you can hear techniques being taught in the book.

Join the ranks of today’s most successful voice actors.

No matter how long you’ve been a working voice actor, what your union status is or where you’re located, Voice Over and Voice Acting: Movie Trailer Mastery unlocks this highly lucrative corner of the voice over industry.

Take a crucial step toward becoming the go-to voice movie studios pay handsomely to boost their box office returns. Pick up your copy of Voice Over and Voice Acting: Movie Trailer Mastery today.