Commercial Voice Over Strategies:

Tell A Story, Land The Job.

  • A simple, step-by-step path to commercial reads that can’t be ignored.
  • Harness the psychology of the eight most common commercial formats.
  • Listen and learn. Actually hear what’s being taught with included audio files.

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The complete handbook for anyone wanting to land TV commercial voice over jobs.

Voice actors across the globe rely on commercials for a steady source of income. But success in this highly-competitive genre can be elusive. You need to be a commercial copy master.

  • Are you struggling to book commercial voice over work?
  • Do you need a simple, step-by-step way of interpreting and delivering ad copy?
  • Finding it hard to deliver what advertisers expect from today’s voice talent?

Whether you’re new to commercials or a trained pro, you may be looking for that last piece of the puzzle that will bring your commercial VO career into focus.

Commercial Voice Over Strategies: Tell a Story, Land the Job is the answer.

In Commercial Voice Over Strategies: Tell a Story, Land the Job, veteran voice actor Chris Agos walks you through the most effective ways to build reads that resonate with talent buyers. You’ll discover how to tailor your commercial delivery for any commercial through a simple step-by-step method.

  • What if you knew the secret of every commercial that the ad industry doesn’t want you to know?
  • What if you knew the eight commercial formats that dominate today’s industry?
  • What if you could systemize every audition to deliver a great read, every time?
  • What if you always knew the advertiser’s goals for the spot?

Commercial Voice Over Strategies: Tell A Story, Land The Job.

This clearly-defined method of copy analysis can open up opportunities you’d never have thought of.

What’s more, we’ve included audio tracks of every single example so you can hear how these ideas work.

Here’s What You Get:

  • A simple step-by-step way of interpreting scripts using high quality commercial copy.
  • A method of applying that interpretation to your reads, to make your auditions come alive.
  • Learn how to decode the eight commercial writing styles that dominate today’s ad industry.
  • Uncover who’s winning today’s commercial voice over jobs, and why they’re successful.
  • Discover the psychology behind each TV spot, and how your read should work with it.
  • Learn how to make decision makers stop and listen when you speak.
  • Understand how an advertiser’s stature in its own industry can influence your reads.
  • Learn how to know the client’s expectations from your audition before you read a word of it.
  • Learn the one thing ad copywriters don’t want when they listen to voice over auditions.
  • Understand how the voice over casting process works, and how to best position yourself to get the job.

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A free audio download so you can hear every single example in the book.

New to commercial voice over? Get started the right way. Seasoned pro feeling stuck? Make your skills even more formidable. No matter how many commercials you’ve done, what your union status is or where you’re based, Commercial Voice Over Strategies: Tell a Story, Land the Job unlocks this lucrative corner of the voice over industry.

Take a crucial step toward becoming the go-to voice advertisers pay handsomely to boost their brands. Pick up your copy today!