Rethinking Voice Over Training.

Before you jump into a voice acting class, jump into a book.

Our books include free audio files so you can hear what’s being taught.

The Voice Over Startup Guide:
How to Land Your First VO Job

A simple, step-by-step guide to becoming a voice actor. Master the tools and techniques needed to get your first voice acting job.

Voice Over and Voice Acting:
Mastering TV Commercials

Quickly level up your commercial copy interpretation skills. Deliver reads that make ad industry decision makers stop and listen.

Voice Over and Voice Acting:
Mastering TV Promos

Fast-paced, high volume, and requiring reads completely different than commercials, this lucrative, highly specialized area of VO is filled with potential.

Voice Over and Voice Acting:
Movie Trailer Mastery

The definitive guide to voice over for movie trailers. Discover techniques that inspire modern film audiences and trailer producers trying to reach them.

Girl Talk: How Women Level Up
in the Voice Over Industry

The only book written specifically for women voice actors. What does it mean to be a woman in today’s VO industry and how can women expand their careers?

Recording Your First Voice Over Demo:
How to Create Audio to Win Work

Make your first voice over demo the right way. A simple yet detailed guide to industry best practices for dynamic demos. Includes demo & script samples.

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Why Choose Our Books?

Because our approach to teaching voice over is different.

We use a combination of step-by-step instructions, scripts, and audio tracks to give you a professional-level training experience.

Those scripts? They’re professionally written and are inspired by real voice over projects. The instructional audio files? They’re free and allow you to actually hear what we’re teaching, making learning fast, efficient, and easy.

It’s a complete package that serves as a fantastic starting point for beginning voice actors or established talent looking to work in a specific voice over niche, like commercials or movie trailers (guides to these markets coming soon).

Accomplished. Pros.

You’ve listened to our voices for years.
Now get to know us.

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